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Testimonials and References

Genevieve has a kind and a gentle soul. She has a genuine love for all people. Genevieve is honest and modest and I highly recommend her. Genevieve is a brilliant and genuine Psychic Healer.

Felicity Poller

Emily's Story

I lost my sister tragically over one year ago. They were many unanswered questions and this made healing very difficult. My sister contacted Genevieve and asked her to contact me. I found this to be the most incredible gift I could have been given. A second chance to speak to my sister. A chance to tell her things that I needed to say. A chance to reminisce about times gone by. The treasure of knowing she knew I needed her. The miracle to discover that the reason I was coping better than I believed I would was because she was around me. Genevieve spoke to me through her several times and it was though we were brought together again. I heard her voice through Genevieve and shared a few more moments that I will cherish for the rest of my life. The single most meaningful gift was knowing that she was relaxed, happy and where she needed to be. For these moments I will always be grateful for Genevieve and her magnificent ability to connect with my lost loved sister. Her strength to hone her skills and deal with me in such a delicate manner meant more to me than she will ever know.

Thank you Genevieve,

Love Emily Lutze

Testify Sistah! (Jason's Story)

Genevieve is a gifted clairvoyant. She gave me a reading using Tarot cards. What impressed me the most is her intuition of what she was reading. She not only takes the literal meaning of the cards, but adds what she sees and feels from them. There were things about my life she had no way of knowing and yet she spoke about them with clarity and preciseness. This is what made me trust in what she was seeing. Part of her charm is that she also spoke to me with such intimacy and care. I am still in the middle of the situation that she gave me the reading for, but I feel more at peace with what I am dealing with because of her insight.

Jason R.Tkachuk

Heh! (Cristina's Story)

I hadn't seen Genevieve for fifteen years and we found eachother on Facebook. We were casually talking on line when Genevieve suddenly brought up private information from my past. It was amazing, I went cold on the other line because it was true and she could not have known. Then she continued to give me some very interesting information about myself and the future. It was remarkable, she has a rare gift.

Cristina Menz

Some Kind Words

Genevieve is a gifted intuitive. She has accurately named some things that I was vague about, and she has pointed me in the direction of healing in multiple areas of my life. Thank you Genevieve!

Molly Johnston

Caroline's Story - Putting the "J" in Jovial

Genevieve provided a very insightful phone reading with detail and accuracy. We never met in person but she was still able to communicate with my deceased Mother and share detailed accounts of family memories. Her personality description and future predictions seemed to closely fall in line with who I am and what I want out of life. Thanks Genevieve!

Caroline Johnston

( As a side note this was one of my all time favourite readings, it was rough in patches and then the Mom made a dramatic entrance. It was so much fun for me and an honor to meet Caroline and see the bond she had with her Mom.)


Kaitlin's Story - The Divine Template

Genevieve entered my life as if by divine template. She approached me on a day where I felt unsure of my direction and purpose in life, and was losing faith in myself. The information she gave me was not only accurate but directly addressed my concerns. She was able to provide me with support and gave me assurance that I desperately needed. Her ability and clarity of purpose gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my goals, understand my burdens and move forward on my life's path. I am truly grateful.

Kaitlin G.

A Polish Goddess Speaks

Genevieve has truly amazing insight, she has helped me communicate with friends and family that have passed on. She has helped me work through emtional stress from family and I have started to heal. She has insight that is undeniably and truly amazing. I truly appreciate her talents.

Nicole Piotrkowski

Jennifer's Story

Genevieve did a reading for me and I was quite impressed. She held my hand and read my energy. She was able to voice things for me I haven't been able to voice in years. Her manner was so caring and careful and loving. I feel like she was one hundred percent accurate in what she said to me, and I have felt considerably better since the reading. She is very good at what she does.

Jennifer Mills

A Good Recommendation

I have known Genevieve for many years and I am very happy to say that I feel she is a truly sensitive person, and I feel she is a good listener and very respectful of the people she has around her. From very early on, I feel there was something special about her, she was always able to zoom in on a problem and identify it right away. She was always very in tune with her environment, and always willing to help. She is a good egg.

Kelly Jean Cassidy

Tyya's Story

I recieved a tarot card reading from Genevieve, and she was very professional, the entire time I felt safe. The card she drew spoke about my past and she was right on the money! I felt she didn't judge me, this was important to me. The reading gave me an insight to my life and for that I am grateful.

Tyya Johnston

Jacquie's Oppinion

Genevieve is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. She is warm and generous and right away you can tell there is something special about her. She was able to pick up things that only my friends know and there was one thing that she stated during the reading that shocked me. Even if you are skeptical, I recommend you making an an appointment because you might walk out with a different mindset. I believe she has a gift to offer those who are looking for answers or a bit of respite.

Ms. Jacquie A.

Reviews on Google

Genevieve has been part of my healing journey for several months now. She has helped me to release the pain and damage from my past and has allowed me to move forward in life with Hope. Genevieve's readings are very accurate and she has allowed me to connect with my passed loved ones, particularly my beautiful Mom. She speaks to me through Genevieve and I know that she is with me every day. I know that my life will become more fulfilling. I have become stronger spiritually through Genevieve. I highly recommend Genevieve.

L. Franklin

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